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    Should The Marlins Move Sixto To The Bullpen?

    Sixto Sanchez hasn’t thrown a pitch in a game since the 2020 playoffs and it is a mystery when he will again. What if instead of returning as a starter, Miami gave him a look as closer?

    Sanchez looked electric and dominant in 2020, and was a part of Miami’s short playoff run. Since then, the youngster has dealt with injuries and has been unable to rehab enough to make a return. Building up arm strength for a workload as a starter seems to be asking a bit much at this point, after not playing for two full seasons. If Miami targets a short relief role, such as closing for Sanchez, he could potentially be ready to contribute at some point in this coming season.

    Just imagine Sanchez’s arsenal from 2020, coming out of the pen in the ninth. In addition to the talent in his arm, Sixto has the look of a closer. Intimidating on the mound, with a lack of fear. He could be the lockdown guy that the Marlins have been searching for, and it could revitalize a career that currently looks potentially over.

    We scoured the Twitter-verse, to check in on what Marlins fans think of this idea. What we found, is plenty of support for the concept and here is just a small sampling of that:

    The Marlins really have nothing to lose here and it’d be the easiest way to fast track a return to the big leagues for Sanchez, who is still only 24 years old. It is a bit early to completely give up on him, but a job in the starting rotation just seems like a farfetched goal at this juncture. Without throwing a single pitch in two years, Sanchez would also be on a strict innings limit this year if he is able to make it back.

    Will Miami actually try this though? There’s been zero rumblings that they will. They’ve shown a willingness to try creative things lately however, such as moving Jazz Chisholm, Jr. to center field. Only time will tell if Sixto moving to the bullpen is the next big shift from the Marlins.

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