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    Mixed Reactions to Jazz Moving to CF

    Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng made a shocking announcement on Friday, when she revealed the team intends to move Jazz Chisholm, Jr. to center field this season.

    The position change is a side effect of the team acquiring Luis Arraez from Minnesota, with the former Twin destined for second base. Chisholm has never played CF in professional baseball, but he is open to the change. The electric former infielder told the team he would be willing to move to CF if needed, and added that he plans to pick up a gold glove out there as well. Nobody is going to doubt Jazz’s confidence, but it remains to be seen just how well he can play in the vast outfield of loanDepot Park.

    Former Marlins center fielders Preston Wilson and Mike Cameron both chimed in about the move on their Twitter accounts, and were not too optimistic about it.

    Wilson and Cameron make some good points, and they’d know about as well as anyone. Both were tremendous athletes with plenty of speed in their prime. Both also played in big outfields over in the old stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie Stadium. That being said, Jazz is a guy who has always seemed to up for a challenge. This is certainly going to be challenge, but one he will work on plenty during spring training.

    To his credit, Wilson offered his assistance to Chisholm on Twitter as well.

    There were some positive reactions to the move however as well, and those came from fans of the team. People who have watched Jazz day in and day out throughout his brief MLB career. The fans also are aware that the market for a CF is just not that easy to navigate at this time, making this switch worth a try.

    Here is a small look at some of those positive reactions from the fans:

    There have been hundreds, if not thousands of other reactions about this surprising move. Some negative and some positive, it truly has been a mixed bag of a decision. It was a brave and risky move by Ng, but it could pay off in a big way. Just imagine how much more valuable Jazz would be, if he is able to develop into a dependable CF.

    Time will tell if this decision ends up a boom or a bust, but it appears that Miami is no longer looking for a new CF. They found him.

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