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    Marlins Could Already Have Next CF On Roster

    For a couple years now, the Marlins have been searching for a center fielder. However, the right man for the job may already be on the roster.

    Rather than trade the farm system for a guy such as Bryan Reynolds, the Marlins could simply try a current member of the roster in a new position. That man? Jazz Chisholm, Jr. Before you laugh and shoot down the idea, let us explain.

    Chisholm currently mans second base for the Marlins and does a solid job at it. The fiery infielder can also play shortstop and that may even be where he winds up in 2023. CF is up the middle from both those spots and is a position that other middle infielders have transitioned to in the past. Playing CF requires speed, a good arm and good reaction time. Chisholm possesses all three of those qualities.

    If the Marlins move Chisholm to CF, they can play Jean Segura at his best position (2B) and take care of their CF problem at the same time. Finding a 3B should be easier than finding a CF, while Chisholm’s value to the team could even increase. Just imagine Chisholm chasing down fly balls in CF and going for leaping catches against the wall. We all know he’d try and we also all know he’d often succeed. Chisholm is one of those guys who can wake his entire team up with one play, and CF would give him more opportunities to do just that.

    Is it possible Chisholm would be a mess in CF when given the chance? Of course. But that is what spring training is for. Even though the World Baseball Classic will get in the way a bit this March, Chisholm would still have time in Jupiter to try his glove work in CF a little before Opening Day. Even if Chisholm starts the year somewhere in the infield, getting him some reps in CF could pay off in a big way down the line.

    The Marlins will not spend big financially or in terms of prospects, so it is time to get creative. It is time to try Jazz Chisholm, Jr. in centerfield.

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