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    Marlins Again Referred To As “Bottom Feeders”

    New York Post columnist Joel Sherman decided to resurrect a nickname for the Miami Marlins on Friday evening, when he called the team “Bottom Feeders“.

    In 2020, Ricky Botallico used the same term for the Marlins while working on Phillies television. The Marlins would go on to make the playoffs in that 60-game season, while the Phillies were playing golf.

    Botallico and others may say the playoff appearance didn’t count, since it was a short season and therefore easier. If it was so easy, why did the Phillies fail to qualify under the same rules?

    Miami would go on to wear shirts with the words “Bottom Feeders” when they clinched a playoff berth. It became a battle cry for the team and some fans still own those shirts to this day. Mr. Sherman may be giving those fans a whole new reason to get that shirt out of the closet.

    Miami would go on to wear shirts with the words “Bottom Feeders” when they clinched a playoff berth

    Perhaps Mr. Sherman is unaware that the team he writes about has not won a World Series title in nearly 40 years. It was 1986 when the New York Mets last hoisted the trophy, while Miami has won twice since then. New York and Miami have the same amount of titles (2), despite the Mets having a 31-year head start.

    It is unknown at this time if the Marlins players saw this latest column, but it is likely it will be brought to their attention. Bottalico’s words in 2020 were a great motivator for the team, and this current club could sure use a wakeup call. The season is only eight games old, but Miami has gotten off to a 3-5 start.

    The Marlins will next be in action on Saturday afternoon at Citi Field.

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