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    Is Bryan Reynolds Worth The Rumored Cost?

    The Marlins need a center fielder and have needed one for awhile now. But, is it worth Pittsburgh’s asking price to acquire Bryan Reynolds?

    That’s a loaded question with a difficult answer and it is dividing Miami’s fanbase currently. Some fans believe no prospect should be off-limits and that hoarding minor leaguers is not a recipe for success. Others will tell you that the Marlins need to hold onto premium minor league talent, since they will not spend in free agency. Both of these arguments have validity to them. But, which one is right?

    Since you’re reading this story, we’ll assume you want our take on it. So we’ll stop beating around the bush and say… no, Bryan Reynolds is not worth the rumored cost. The Pirates are supposedly asking for a Juan Soto type return, or better known as emptying the farm. Bryan Reynolds is not Juan Soto, and it isn’t even close. Reynolds would make the Marlins a better team, no debating it. But if Pittsburgh continues to ask for multiple top prospects, they can keep the All-Star. Miami simply can’t empty the farm system for any player, considering their lack of free agent movement. They certainly can’t empty it for a guy coming off a rather pedestrian season in Pittsburgh.

    Nobody has reported the exact specific offer Pittsburgh wants, but the rumors tell you enough of the story. Even though Eury Perez is allegedly untouchable, it is likely that the Pirates asked for him as part of the package. We get the temptation of trading an unproven prospect for a proven big leaguer, but Perez is in a league of his own. Teams simply do not trade pitching prospects with the value of Perez and for good reason. Consider the fact Perez wouldn’t be the only player going to the Pirates, and it becomes even easier to see why general manager Kim Ng hasn’t pulled the trigger for Reynolds.

    If Reynolds isn’t the answer, then who is? We will save that for another story coming soon, but the thought process remains the same. No matter who it is, Kim Ng can’t empty the farm for any player. Thankfully, she seems to be aware of that.

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