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    Can The Dolphins Win in Buffalo?

    Chances are a whole bunch of you just read the title and said out-loud, “they can’t”.

    Hard to blame Miami fans or fans in general for thinking that way. The Bills are one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl after all, and Miami will be without Tua Tagovailoa. Taking one look at the betting lines for this game shows how sure the bookmakers are of the result. For those wondering, Buffalo is favored by 13.5. The game originally opened up with a ten-point line. That however was before QB #1 was ruled out officially.

    So back to the question at-hand, can Miami win on Sunday. Well, the answer is yes. It is unlikely and will require luck, but it is possible. Now you’re probably waiting for an explanation of how the improbable can become a reality. The answer is relatively simple, Miami has to establish the running game early and needs big results on the ground in the first half. The weather conditions figure to be chilly and Skylar Thompson needs an opportunity to get settled in. The best way to give Thompson a chance to succeed, is to keep the Bills guessing.

    Unfortunately for Miami, running back Raheem Mostert is also out for Sunday’s game. Miami is without their primary QB and their top RB. The deck is stacked against the Dolphins, but this also means they have nothing to lose. Virtually nobody expects them to win, heck nearly every analyst expects the game to not even be competitive. The Dolphins brought in Jeff Wilson, Jr. for a reason and he will have an opportunity to show that on Sunday. Wilson will be Miami’s primary weapon on the ground. If he can pick up a few big yards and first downs early, it could set the tone for the rest of the game.

    A solid running game should keep the game close and that’s all the Dolphins would need to shock the football world on Sunday in Buffalo. Will they win? Probably not. But, can they win? Yes.

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